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Please note, these are orthotic-friendly shoes, made to order. Production times vary from 21 to 30 days.


Handmade in Italy, the EASY UP® collection is designed for independent use by AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis), DAFO (Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis), splint users, or those with reduced or lost mobility.


Thanks to its “trap door like” rear opening, the shoe can completely open, allowing the foot (with AFO) to easily slide into place.


The innovative EASY UP BOA® lacing system closes the “trap door” and adjusts the shoe to fit the foot perfectly. This means that there are no pressure points on the instep that tend to be common with laces and velcro. The simplicity of the EASY UP BOA® lacing system means that the shoe can be placed on and off with one hand, or easily by the carer.


*Please note the price per pair increases per size group 20-28, 29-35, 36-43, 44-47.


Options for Children's collection:

  • INNER LINING options - 
    • Perforated lining for better breathability - included in the price per pair
    • Plain (smooth) lining - add an extra $13.00
  • SOLE & HEEL options - 
    • Standard sole + flat heel - included in the price per pair
    • Standard sole + rolling heel - add an extra $13.00
    • Flexible sole + flat heel - add an extra $18.00
    • Flexible sole + rolling heel - add an extra $30.00
    • Please enquire about special Walker Sole - add an extra $38.00 (+ additional for sizing)


As each order is custom made, manufactured in and directly couriered from Italy - there is a flat rate shipping fee of $147.84 per pair and a handling fee of $36.96 per order. No stock is held in Australia due to customisation of each pair. GST is not charged.

BD37 - BUDDY - Blue/Light blue

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